Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well today has been pretty darn productive....finally.
Went to class, took a test that I felt fairly good about. I mean really, how can you feel good about taking a test? On more than one occasion, I have taken a test, felt good about it, only to find out later that I completely bombed it! And then other times, I'll take a test, feel awful about it and then find out that I did great! It's a messed up system.
But the biggest thing I did today was go to a job interview! I felt confident - it was going to work out! I walk in (only after figuring out that they had to buzz me in - I nearly ran into the door), and then awaited my appointment. I tried not to think of how nervous I was by watching the weather channel (it was just on the TV).
I left the building (after finding out that they had to buzz me out too - I nearly ran into the door again on my way out), feeling relieved that the questioning was over! It's completely out of my hands, but I trust that God will put me where He wants me. First and foremost, that's what I want as well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

not bored

So sorry I haven't updated all of my followers on what's been going on lately :)
School: It's going well! I've had a few tests that I've done pretty good on for the most part and the homework really isn't so bad, which is another way of saying that I barely have any, but when I do I don't complain because it's not hard at all really.....in short - I love college.

This morning, I felt like I had SO much to accomplish today. I was eating breakfast with my good friend, Kelly, and I was going through a list of things I felt like I needed to do. Apparently, the list was a lot smaller than I originally thought. So I'm currently sitting in my room trying to come up with something to do......
That sort of reminds me of when I was a kid. I could never mention the word "bored" around my mom for fear of her putting me to work. She'd instantly come up with some odd job that needed to get done around the house. I think I speak for all kids in America when I say that when we say "I'm bored", what we're really saying is "I'm done watching TV and messin around on the computer, and I can't figure out what fun thing to do next."
Why could moms never EVER hear it that way??

Sunday, October 3, 2010

apple pie

I did not make this.....but I wish I had