Thursday, August 4, 2011

CO part 1

Hello bloggers!! Greetings from Manitou Springs, CO!! If you take a walk with me down memory lane for a moment, you’ll recall the post where I mentioned that I’d be in CO for an entire summer. And as most of you found out….eventually……this did not happen - at least not like I had originally planned.

Here’s what did happen…

I’ve been in CO for about a week and a half now. Total, I will be here three weeks before going back home. In short, this has been a trip for firsts – starting from the very beginning. I had to drive 8 hours. 8 HOURS!! I have never driven a car more than half an hour away from home before in my life. And get this - I’ve never even had to use the cruise control on my car (pathetic unnecessary). Well this time around, I had got to do both. Other than a major leg cramp and the most horrible route anyone could ever take to get there, the road trip was a success and I got both Lady M and I to CO in one piece. And the car.

Upon our arrival, the plan was to go straight to the house (which we did) and then stay there that first night (which we did not). As soon as we got to the house, the cleaning crew was there and quite surprised to see us ‘a day early’. Communication hasn’t been a real forte out here. So just a potato salad and a pork sandwich away, we found ourselves in the Comfort Inn just across the street for an evening. Hotels can be iffy when you’re in a room all by yourself.

The next few days while Lady M’s son was still with us, we spent our time unloading boxes, moving furniture around, and getting the place as homey as possible. Eventually, Lady M’s son left and it was just her and I…….and all of the construction workers. I can’t honestly say that we are on our own, because we aren’t. But still.

For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in a house full of girls, so living in the middle of a construction zone (no exaggeration) is a stretch. Every day, starting at 7 a.m., the men would be in the house (literally everywhere) doing their work. Definitely a first for me. After a while, freaking out every time you use the bathroom for fear of someone walking in on you, or having to get up extra early in the morning to look decent for everyone, you get used to it – believe it or not. I actually enjoy their company! The house gets real quiet without them there. REAL quiet.

Still another week and a half to go! I’m missing everyone at home, but I’m having fun being in a new place for an extended period of time. I have my moments when I just have to ask God for a new attitude or the courage to help me face my fears (CO traffic). It’s been a wonderful experience of stepping up to the plate and putting myself out there and then watching God handle it all.

That’s my update for now. Sending my love to everyone back home! I’m praying for you - especially in that 113 degree weather you all have had! I won’t mention the temperature here…..well since you asked. Today we have a high of 85 degrees! Not to mention we’ve had rain nearly every single day since getting here. I promise I will never mention the weather here again.

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