Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Passion 2011

This past weekend was so awesome - it could not have been better! Last week we (me and a whole bunch of other college students) were promoting an event called AfterDark. AfterDark travels across the country and hosts a late night event geared towards non-believers. They bring in a band, a speaker and present the gospel in a really cool and radical way. Everyone involved had been planning this event for months now and to be honest, when the night finally came, I think we were all pretty anxious maybe even nervous for the turnout and the response.

We were blown away.

We had more people than we anticipated - I think we even surprised the guys in charge of it all! But not only was the crowd big, but the response that they had was amazing! That night was an encouragement to us all - it was so neat to see the process of God stirring the hearts of those helping and the affections of those watching.

Not only did I get to participate in that amazing night, but the very next morning a group of our college group from church left bright and early for Ft. Worth, TX for the Passion 2011 conference.

That weekend alone filled me up, refreshed my soul, stirred my affections for God, and encouraged me alongside my brothers and sisters. I was reminded about how I need not fear the future - the unknown. He has paid my ransom!! Any battle I will encounter has already been won in the precious name of Jesus! Death has been defeated and has lost its sting.
This is good news - not just good news. THE BEST NEWS YOU'LL EVER HEAR! Let's act like it!

I couldn't talk about the weekend without posting some awesome pictures for you all! Enjoy!

One of our main missions was to fund Bible translations. Roughly 40% of the world doesn't know about Jesus.
My awesome family group! Continuing to pray for them!
Great night in the hallway of our hotel! We may, or may not, have gotten the security called on us for being too noisy....
L.O.V.E them! Each and every one a beautiful woman of God!

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